eno classic FAQs

How is eno different ?

The eno board surface is made of e3 environmental ceramicsteel. It is ecologically intelligent and the only writing surface to receive Cradle to Cradle Silver certification, awarded by McDonough Braungart Design Chemistry (MBDC). The surface is virtually indestructible.
eno is wire free and requires no additional power sources to be installed. The board connects between the active stylus and provided Bluetooth adapter. The on-board icons are located on a magnetic strip that can be arranged and customized..
The eno surface is magnetic allowing you to use manipulative in your lessons, as well as, the use of standard dry erase markers.

Can i load eno on a power and data track?

Not at this time

How is eno installed?

eno can be mounted to the wall using the mounting brackets provided with the board or mounted on a mobile stand.

What is the warranty for eno?

2 years The eno surface, trim, mounting brackets, stylus and Bluetooth® adapter are covered from any manufacturer defect. Batteries are not included as part of the warranty.

Can I use any dry erase markers?

Yes – any dry erase markers can be used on the eno surface.

What if someone uses a permanent marker? Can I remove it from the board?

Yes. Simply write over the permanent marker with a dry-erase marker and erase it.

What sizes do eno boards come in?

  • 1600 mm x 1200 mm (78” diagonal)
  • 2133 mm x 1200 mm (96” diagonal)

I already have Bluetooth on my PC, do I have to use the Bluetooth adapter that came with the pen?

The eno stylus can be paired directly to your computer’s internal Bluetooth if it supports one of the most common Bluetooth stacks: Microsoft, Toshiba, Blue Soleil, Widcomm, Broadcom, or Apple.  However, We recommend using the Bluetooth adapter that is provided with the product.

How many brackets do I need to install the eno boards (both 78" and 96")?

There are two (2) brackets provided with the 78” board.  96” boards come with three (3) mounting brackets.

What is the version of the Driver Software do I need to support eno?

The most current driver is always available in our support downloads.

What do I get when I purchase eno?

The following is provided with all eno purchases:

  • eno board (either 78” or 96”)
  • Magnetic icon strip
  • Accessory kit containing 1 stylus, 1 AAA battery, 1 Bluetooth adapter, 2 replacement tips and storage case
  • Mounting brackets (2 for 78” boards, 3 for 96” boards)

Will the icon strip still work if I cut out the individual icons?

Yes. The icon strip can be customized to your liking. The eno icon strip contains that same innovative dot patterns as the eno surface. The stylus will continue to read each individual icon even after physical separation.  For instance, place icons that you want students to have access to at the bottom of the board, and icons that you want to control alone at the top of the board.

Will the eno board capture what I have written on the board with dry erase markers?

No - eno will capture all electronic annotations created through the use of virtual ink.

Will the pen work outside of the projected image?

No – The stylus is designed to control your projected computer screen.

How much does eno cost?

For price information, contact your local reseller.  

What is the average battery life for the stylus?

With normal use, battery life for the eno stylus is one to one and half months.

How can I tell what dot pattern i have on a eno board?

The eno surface can be cleaned just like any traditional dry erase whiteboard. Normally a damp cloth will suffice. Read the Surface Care FAQ.

How do I clean an eno board?

The eno surface can be cleaned just like any traditional dry drase whiteboard. Normally a damp cloth will surface.Read the surface care faq

What if i have additional questions?

For additional information please send all inquires to Whitemark Customer Service at support@whitemark.in