eno mini FAQs

Does eno mini only work with a full size eno board ?

No. eno mini can also be used as stand-alone slate solution.

What does the antimicrobial grip surface do?

The antimicrobial built into the grip surface inhibits the growth of bacteria, fungus, mold and other microbes that can build up and cause odors and unclean surfaces.

Does eno mini use the exact same stylus and Bluetooth® dongle as the eno board?

Yes, they are exactly the same and can be used on either the eno interactive whiteboard, or eno mini.

Do I need a separate Bluetooth dongle to use the eno mini slate?

The stylus used on the slate can be paired to the same computer that is running the full size eno board. Up to three styluses can be paired to one computer.

How many eno mini’s can be paired to my computer?

Up to three eno styluses can be paired simultaneously. You can use any combination of eno boards and eno mini slates.

Can eno mini and an eno board be used simultaneously

Up to three styluses can be used to annotate simultaneously in any combination of eno mini’s or eno boards.

What is the warranty?

2 Years

What Driver Version do I need?

The most current is always available in our support downloads.

Do I need to buy an extra stylus if I already have an eno board?

The eno mini slate can be used with an existing eno stylus. Simply update the Driver Software to version 1.8 or later and the slate is instantly ready to use.

I already have Bluetooth on my PC, do I have to use the Bluetooth adapter that came with the stylus?

The eno stylus can be paired directly to your computerís internal Bluetooth if it supports one of the most common Bluetooth stacks: Microsoft, Toshiba, Blue Soleil, Widcomm, Broadcom, or Apple. However, we recommend using the Bluetooth adapter that is provided with the product.

Can the icon strip be removed?

The icon strip for the eno mini slate is permanently attached.

I purchased an eno mini slate without a stylus, can I buy one later

A replacement stylus and a full stylus kit are always available as accessories.

How do I clean an eno mini slate?

The eno surface can be cleaned just like any traditional dry-erase whiteboard. Normally, a damp cloth will suffice. Read the Surface Care FAQ.

What if I have additional questions?

For additional information please send all inquiries to Whitemark customer Service at support@whitemark.in