eno play FAQs

How does eno play ship? How many boxes?

eno play ships in one box with the following contents:

  • One amplifier
  • Two exciter packs
  • One 3.5mm stereo audio cable (25')
  • One Power supply (6') with extension cable (9')
  • US,  EU, UK, South America power adaptors (15amps/125 volts 2.5amps/250 volts)
  • 22 AWG stranded connection wire (65.4")
  • Six tie wraps
  • Mounting brackets/hardware
  • One roll of tape

What Interactive whiteboards does eno play support?

eno play is sold with or as a retro-fit for the following eno interactive whitebards

  • eno classic 2610
  • eno classic 2810

What tools are required to install eno play?

No tools are required to install eno play. The amplifier and exciter pack come with pre-installed adhesive tape applied to the bottom of both units. A paper template is included to indicate where the exciter packs install on the eno board.

What do the different colors on the LED on the amplifier mean?

  • Green: fully operational
  • Yellow: standby mode (power saving mode)
  • No LED illuminated: the unit is turned off

How many 3.5mm audio output jacks are located on the eno play amplifier?

Two. One is located on the inside of the amplifier and the other one is on the outside.

Can I use an iPod or iPad with eno play?

Yes. Simply plug the 3.5mm audio cable into the jack for your earphones and play any content through the eno play system.

If I am installing the eno play product as a retro-fit to a board already installed, do I need to remove it to install eno play?

Yes. The board has to be removed to install the eno play amplifier and the eno exciter packs.  Also, spacers included in the eno play box will need to be installed on the eno bracket to offset the board " from the wall.

Does eno play require power?

Yes. eno play comes with a 24 volt DC power adaptor that can be plugged into any standard outlet.

How do you control the volume with eno play?

Volume can be controlled at the volume controls in the web page/application being used or by the volume control in the operating system.