fuse FAQs

How does fuse ship? How many boxes?

Fuse ships in a single box with all the necessary software, icon strip and cables included in the box.

What is required to operate fuse?

You will need a Windows or Mac computer with a powered USB 2.0 port. Everything else ships with fuse, including all cables and software

FAQs for fuse's True Snap™ technology

What is "True Snap technology ?

Fuse’s True Snap technology automates the perfect alignment and clean-up of captured text, line-art, charts and graphs to free up lesson prep time..

How do I edit photos with TrueSnap?

TrueSnap is not a photo editing software. It is designed to align and clean up captured text, line-art, charts and graphs.

What are best practices for using TrueSnap's realign and unbind features?

  • Place an open book or document with at least 3 sides within the camera’s field of view
  • Use a dark background to highlight content
  • Use a subject with standard margins (no images bleeding off pages)
  • Use a subject with one or few colors for best presentation

What are best practices for using TrueSnap's Recolor feature

  • Place subject on a dark background for best result
  • True Snap will assign 1 of 5 colors to each pixel in the image (not intended for image correction of pictures and photographs)

How do I maximize the TrueSnap images?

  • Focus before using TrueSnap
  • Use good lighting to minimize shadows
  • Requires at least 1024 x 768 resolution or higher
  • Maintain at least 4" between the lens and page/subject
  • Use most of the field of view
  • Keep the corner and edges exposed
  • Avoid glossy paper and LED lighting to minimize reflections and glare
  • Avoid image bleeds, such as those in magazines, for optimal detection of page edges