Lowest total cost of ownership

Lowest total cost of ownership

Understanding Total Cost of Ownership will help you make an informed purchase decision—and save up to 30% on the actual cost of your school’s investment.

You have to plan ahead for purchases and anticipate expenses and needs as technology evolves. Limited funding and budgets leaves little room for surprises. So how do you know if you are buying the best technology investment for the money?

The Total Cost of Ownership is the impact of direct and indirect costs associated with purchasing, installing and maintaining your interactive whiteboard (IWB) solution. By understanding the real bottom line, you can quantify the long-term cost differences among vendor proposals and make an informed purchase decision. Better still, you may end up saving as much as 30%—and get more for your money.

Things that Can Balloon Your IWB Bottom Line

    Eno Other Interactive Whiteboard brands
Installation Completely wireless and snaps on to existing boards. Quick and easy installation. Does your board attach to existing boards or walls? Will it require power? Add in the cost for an Installation team, electrician, wiring and cables for networking voltage stabliser. 
Software Open architecture. Use all of your favorite apps. Is your IWB solution open architecture or do you have to buy special software? Can teachers’ use their own apps? Purchasing software and the ongoing expense for software updates is expensive.
Retrofitting It’s the interactive whiteboard that lets you write on it! Use it for dry erase just like your regular board. Can you dry erase markers, Permanent markers or magnets on your new interactive board? If not, you may need to retrofit your facility or go without a traditional board.
Maintenance Ceramicsteal surface of the Interactive white board are environmentally certified, they resist bacteria, fire, scratches, stains and graffiti.

How fragile is the whiteboard surface? Will it stain, scratch or even rip over time? If the board’s surface can be damaged, account for the replacement cost of the board.

Many IWBs need replacing every three years. 

Projector only or complete package? Universal and completely customizable to support a vast array of accessories—and educational experiences. Know exactly what you are getting.  Interactive projectors require a lot of bulb changes, have less accurate interactive pens and won’t give you dry erase capability or a smooth writing surface.