Configurations for any classroom

configuration for any classroom

Multiple options for any classroom or teaching style

More than the average interactive whiteboard, eno is universal and customizable for the ultimate education experience. With any eno solution, you get a wireless wonder for collaboration with markers, multiple users, magnets and multimedia. 

Perfect your classroom

With infinite possibilities to inspire and engage, configure one or more eno solutions to meet your specific needs and teaching style:

  •    eno classic installs in minutes and requires no cords or cables.
  •    eno mini slate opens a world of collaboration to teachers and students from anywhere in the classroom.
  •    eno flex offers an interactive, dry-erase and/or tackable canvas to meet the needs of teachers, one by one.
  •    eno one provides a total solution from one supplier, allowing teachers to begin teaching while others are still in the           purchase process
  •    eno play brings fully-integrated sound to the eno classic interactive whiteboard, with no visible speakers or amplifiers.

Which unique eno configuration is best for you?