Only eno is green

eno is green

Perfect harmony among earth, technology and learning

On the surface, eno is an interactive, marker and magnet-loving multi-tasker. But, deep down, eno does everything other interactive whiteboards do… except emit gasses, absorb marker stains, require cords and cables, demand costly install-
ation and travel across the country in search of repairs (or landfills).

With eno, minimize your classroom’s carbon footprint and create a safer, less cluttered learning environment. Only eno classroom solutions feature:

  •      MBDC Cradle-to-CradleSM Silver certification
  •      SCS Indoor Advantage Gold certification
  •      Qualification for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®) credits
  •      The boards will last as long as the building
  •      Recycled content and is completely recyclable

  • eno’s eco-friendly elements, in concert with magnets, dry-erase markers and inspiring, cable-free interactivity, teach students the lessons their future depends on—responsibility and sustainability. The only interactive whiteboard that sings to a different beat—that’s eno